Kids Corner - We offer a variety of classes and programs for children! Click on the schedule tab  here to view dates and times.

Crystals for Kids - Join us for this fun hands-on gathering where your children will learn how to work with crystals for peace, grounding and healing as well as how to meditate. Parents please plan on staying for the event with your kids:) $30 per child, no charge for the parents. Each child will receive 2 crystals to take home as well. $30

Meditation for Kids - In this 45 minute session we will practice some meditation techniques for children to help them quiet the mind and relax - while having some fun. Each child must have one custodial parent in the class with them. $15

Reiki 1 for Kids (Usui Level 1) - Children can benefit from Reiki as well! It can help them to focus, reduce stress and help with pain management. This Reiki class is appropriate for ages 6 - 13. The children will receive attunements and learn how to give Reiki to themselves and others. The class includes a book and practice time. Each child will receive a certificate of completion. Each child must have one custodial parent in the class with them. There will be breaks and a Reiki craft as well. $55
Reiki 2 for Kids (Usui Level 2) - For children who have already had Reiki 1 we offer this advanced class where we will cover the first two symbols. Each child will receive 2 attunements and a certificate of completion, there will be breaks and a Reiki craft as well. Each child must be accompanied by a custodial parent. The class includes documentation, a crystal and is $70.
Chakras for Kids - In this class we will explain what the chakras are and have some fun and easy exercises to work with them. Appropriate for ages 7 - 11 or 12 depending on the attention span of each child. The class includes handouts, we will break for snacks and there will be lots of hands on play for the little ones. A custodial parent must accompany each child, $20 ​
Individual Reiki sessions are also available for children (a parent must be present). Click here to schedule